Now in the USA - Founded 1949 - Cape Town South Africa

3 Oz Size

As a disclaimer, we ask you use common sense when deciding the weight of the item you wish to secure.

3 oz  (85g)

Uses / Applications

• Holds up posters, cards, certificates, notices, party decorations, maps,

calendars, messages, learning aids, children paintings, etc.• Replaces Magnets

on Stainless steel appliances.
  Holds in place telephones, mouse pads, pens, candles, figurines, vases,

calculators, ornaments, etc.
• Keeps picture frames straight
• Safely store pins, keys, screws and other small objects
• Use in floral arrangements to keep flowers in place
• Clean fluff from fabric
• Remove dust and dirt from computers and hard to get at places
• Use as a putty to block out draughts
• Sticks extremely well to non porous surfaces such as metal, glass, plastics,

vinyl coated and painted surfaces.  Also sticks well to paper, boards, cloth, and wood

 It is solvent-free, non-toxic and safe for children to use. It will not shrink or dry out and can be removed and used over and over again.

Permanently plastic and pliable
Solvent free
Strip form for ease of use
Excellent adhesive qualities
Acid free
Non greasy
Non toxic
Suitable for all the family

Trademarked “The Duct Tape of Tak” Sticky Putty performs exceptionally well when used in:

Museums holding down collectables

RV's, Yachts, Boats & Campers for securing loose items

It is widely used by Artists, Schools and Homes.

The package comes in a sleeve where it is easy to access, and keeps the product clean and free from dust and dirt. Simply slide out the slab, pinch off what you need, and slip it back into the sleeve, protected at all time between two sheets of release paper.
Permanently plastic and pliable, very important - does not dry.

 - Sticking Stuff to Surfaces for 66 years !!!

"If an advertized adhesive putty dries, it loses it's TAK, it cannot therefore be considered reusable. Sticky Putty does claim it will not dry and remain sticky and re-useable for a long long time!!! "

Sticky Putty